Reserve a pig now, choose how you want it cut,

fill your freezer, then enjoy at your convenience.

Half and Whole Pig Details

$6.25/lb by hanging weight. Expected hanging weight 100-140lbs (half) 200-280lbs (whole)

Final Cuts are 65-70% of the hanging weight, equaling 65-100lbs (half), 130-200lbs (whole).  

Smoking is available with nitrates or nitrate free

add $3.10/lb for bacon

add $2.35/lb for ham

What do you get out of half a pig? 

From an average weight pig:

1.25lbs Tenderloin

7-8lbs Loin and rib chops

4-5lbs sirloin chops or roast

2.5lbs spare ribs

6-7lbs Boston Butt Roast, Country Ribs or ground

6lbs Picnic shoulder roast or ground

15-20lbs Ham steak, roast, or ground

3-4lbs Ham hocks or ground

15-20lbs Bacon

10-15lbs Fat back (optional)

3-4lbs Leaf fat (optional)

Bones (optional)

Anything you don't want cut as roasts or hams will be ground,

and can be left as ground pork or made into sausage.

Click below to reserve yours with a $100 deposit per half pig.

For a whole pig just reserve two halves!