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About Flying Dog Farm

It wasn’t until I, Shona, left my family’s farm to go to college that I realized how lucky I had been to grow up eating such good food.


When college friends would come home to Luna Bleu Farm with me, they would always exclaim over the simplest meals. This always surprised me—the food I’d always taken for granted was something most of my friends had never experienced. This is when I began to recognize the importance of small farms and the food they produce.


I realized that high quality ingredients make cooking easy and they change the way food makes you feel. 


Culturally, nutritionally, and socially, meat is something so many of us rely on to feed ourselves and our families. Yet we’ve all heard the stories of animals living in inhumane conditions, the destruction of ecosystems and contributions to climate change that industrial livestock systems cause. It can make it hard to know what to eat and how to best feed our families.


And this is why we started Flying Dog Farm.

IMG_2068 3.jpeg

We want you to know that you’re feeding your family meat that you can feel good about.


Do you want to know that the animals are being raised humanely with the utmost care for their health and wellbeing? That you are feeding your family the healthiest, cleanest meat, free of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, and full of vital minerals and nutrients? That buying this meat supports farming practices that combat climate change and restore wildlife habitats?


We put our hearts and souls into producing meat raised this way so you can feel good about eating and serving it.

And we want you to experience how much easier it is to cook good food when you start with the highest quality ingredients.


If you’re like us, it can be hard to make time to get dinner on the table every night. Meats from Flying Dog Farm are so tender and flavorful to start with that they don’t need much effort to turn into a delicious meal. When you start with the best ingredients, it’s easy to cook a meal that your family will be excited to eat, and guests will exclaim over in joy.

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