I am sold out of CSA shares for the 2021 Harvest Season. 

                                   I'm working to increase my meat supply to be able to provide shares                           to everyone that would like one in the future.

In the meantime, find my meat through our Online Pre-order and in the summer at the Norwich Farmer's Market.

CSA Sign Up

Just select a share option to add it to your cart. 

Use promo code "Check" at checkout to pay with a check, save 3% and help us avoid credit card processing fees. Make checks out to Flying Dog Farm.

Meat shares are a great way to get a mix of cuts every month at a small discount. It helps me to plan on sales and showcase some lesser known cuts, and it helps you because that planning means we set aside cuts for CSA that might otherwise sell out, introduce you to some different cuts, and all at a lower price than retail. 

Each share will include a whole chicken raised by Luna Bleu Farm, and pork and beef raised by me: sausage or bacon, ground beef, and a selection of cuts. I aim to give you somewhat of a seasonal selection, i.e. more stew beef and slow cook style cuts in the winter and cuts more suitable for grilling, stir frying, etc in the summer, but of course many cuts are perfect no matter the time of year. 

I offer a harvest season meat share and a winter season meat share. Each meat share season lasts six months to give you year-round access to our meat.

Pick ups are the first week of each month, timed to coincide with vegetable and egg share pick ups from Luna Bleu Farm.