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Raised with care, Delicious and easy to cook.

Certified organic means my pigs are only fed certified organic grain, graze and forage on land where chemicals and pesticides are never used, always have access to the outdoors, and are never treated with antibiotics, synthetic dewormers, or hormones. 

In the summer my pigs graze and forage through my pastures and woods. In the winter they have a barn for shelter, and outdoor runs filled with wood chips and hay bales. 

I raise my pigs from birth to slaughter which means I control every step and can ensure they are raised they way I want them to be from birth. 

I raise a mix of breeds and am constantly experimenting with different breeding to produce pigs with the mix of traits that best fits my farm. Some of the traits I breed for are good temperament (friendly pigs and gentle mothers), grazing and foraging, and meat quality and flavor. A few of the breeds in the mix I raise are Idaho Pasture Pig, Large Black, Mangalista, and Ossabaw. 


Half and Whole Pigs

Reserve a pig now, choose how you want it cut,

fill your freezer, then enjoy at your convenience.

Half and Whole Pig Details

$7.75/lb by hanging weight, including the cost of slaughter and butchering.

Smoking is additional:

add $4.00/lb for nitrate free bacon

- add $3.55/lb for nitrate free hams or ham steaks

I expect hanging weight to be 100-140lbs (half) or 200-280lbs (whole)

Final Cuts are 65-70% of the hanging weight, equaling 65-100lbs (half), 130-200lbs (whole).  

What do you get out of half a pig? 

From an average weight pig:

1.25lbs Tenderloin

7-8lbs Loin and rib chops

4-5lbs sirloin chops or roast

2.5lbs spare ribs

6-7lbs Boston Butt Roast, Country Ribs or ground

6lbs Picnic shoulder roast or ground

14-20lbs Ham steak, roast, or ground

3-4lbs Ham hocks or ground

14-20lbs Bacon

8-12lbs Fat back (optional)

3-4lbs Leaf fat (optional)

Bones (optional)

Anything you don't want cut as roasts or hams will be ground,

and can be left as ground pork or made into sausage.


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